Fuel Retailers


Switch from cards to digital

Bring innovation to market, make life to your customer easier and save a lot of cost   with lot of features:

Digital onboarding

Allow your clients to onboard to system by themselves in fully digital way

Digital Contracting 

Automatic contract or digital contract negotiation directly in the system

Credit limit 

Full featured credit limit management with top-ups, automatic account blocking and automatic invoicing.

Self management

Let fleet managers to manage their cars, drivers and payment instruments


Configurable automatic invoicing includes self billing invoicing.

Franchise payments

Advance transaction split for modern business models.

Commission fees

Advanced transaction split for effective coverage of commission based business models

E-shop payments

Enhance payment possibilities to pay with "digital fuel card" also on your e-shop.

Multi expansion

Multiple financial accounts in our app allowing expansion to other segments (food, hotels)


Expand your business to EV-charging

Are you planning or already selling on EV-charging market? Engagement of our charging station management module will accelerate you to position of Mobility Service provider or Roaming Hub instantly