Retailers and retail networks


Multiple payment methods in one solution

Multiple payment methods in one app covering all business scenarios

Payment at cash desk

Standart payment at cash desk, or self service cash register

Payment with loyalty bonus

Payment  with individually calculated loyalty bonus pre client and product 

Payment with cashback

Payment with instant cashback 

Credit limit mangaments

Fully featured credit limit management  allows detailed monitoring and top-up of credit limit , invoicing and selfbilling invoicing features. 

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E-commerce payments

Ultima Payments mobile app cover more payment methods including e-shop payment. Clietn can pay eshop orders directly from mobile app

Gift vouchers

Gift voucher module is big functional block in our system. It is offering signifficant cost saving, marketing tools and differentiation from competitors.

Electronic identity -  eID 

Very strong electronic indentity feature using the same security features as payments. Can be used for car sharing, bike sharing, entrance to proctected areas.


Cost saving

Switch to our fully digital solution and save significant capex and opex costs

Human Resources

Thanks to self manageability features, digital onboarding and digital contracting modules, clients are allowed to manage virtually everything by themselves.

No Cards

Printing, individualization and delivering of plastic cards causing signifficant costs and involve various external suppliers.

No Hardware

You will not need to purchase new specialized hardware. Our system is running on general available, multipurpose hardware.

Extra features


Eshop & Delivery

Improve your client e-shop buying experience

  • E-shop payment realizable directly on mobile phone/tablet or realize payment from mobile phone/tablet to desktop.

  • Initialize payment terminals for couriers without need of terminal hardware .


Partners program

Expand your loyalty programs to partners network

  • Make your loyalty scheme  more attractive with partners program.

  • Win extra margin

  • Make your clients more happy