Switch to Digital

digital world

Be innovative offer and enjoy benefits

The most universal, versatile and secure digital payment system with market disruption potential.

Card free payment

No Cards

Switch from plastic card to digital payment Instrument and

  • be modern

  • be innovative

  • get flexibility

don't stress your client with card renewal, requests for new card or card blocking

  • enhance security as our digital solution is resistant to scanning, skimming and cloning

  • be environmentally friendly


No Time Wasting 

Don’t spend your and your clients 

  • no waiting for card delivery

  • no waiting for PIN delivery

  • instant payment instrument activation to increase your turnover

  • stolen or lost payment instrument can be instantly deactivated and new can be activated instantly


No Costs

Significantly decrease your costs

  • for card printing

  • for cards and PIN’s delivery

  • our digital on-boarding procedures will decrease costs for new client acquisition

  • digital contracting module allowing fully digital contracts negotiation 

  • unique self manageability features will allow your clients to manage virtually everything by themselves


Digital Onboarding

Strong on-boarding and new clients
acquisition tools

  • easy clients and merchants digital on-boarding via web link or QR code

  • persons and companies identification with full KYC

  • instant payment instrument activation to increase

  • unique clients invitation process with enhanced viral effect.


Digital contracting

our digital contracting module is offering

  • instant fully automatic client contracting with defined products, prices and/or credit terms

  • clients and merchants can digitally negotiate contract terms directly in payments system


Self manageability

Virtually everything is self manageable by clients

  • payments instruments

  • fleets and drivers (payeers)

  • point of sales

  • payment terminals

  • family members

  • account disponents