Benefits of a closed
payment system

No Cards

Ultima is unique as you do not need any credit or debit card, just smartphone.

No Terminals

Ultima closed payment solution does not require any special piece of hardware e.q. POS terminal. Significant cost saving will be comming from hardware purchase, implementation and maintanance.

No Third parties

Specialized hardware suppliers and/or data processor are not more required.


System is full filling all security standards required by EBA - European Bank Association.


System is Ready-to-Suit to any business needs, inlucuding integration to existing business IT environment like ESB, data pumps and connectors to existing systems.

Lower Cost

Cost for printing and delivering of cards, purchase of POS terminal hardware and it's implementation will be no more required.

Advanced Reporting

Customized reports on payments, turnovers, credit limits, clients, purchase behavior is the standart, what we are offering. More over automatic scheduled tasks like invoices issuing or self-billing invoices issuing is available.

Fast implementation

Implementation on point of sale means just download and install application, and login. Application is intuitive, no stuff training is required.